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Why Arnab?

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Satisfied customers = returning customers. Furthermore, people talk and word travels: when companies and individuals are blown away by how wonderful your service has been, they will more than likely tell their friends, thus enticing more people to join your long and impressive list of existing customers.

Professional Fleet

The skilled drivers that make up our fleet are professionally trained and continuously coached to do more than just deliver goods. Members are selected based on their efficiency, personability, and resourcefulness – small wonder they never miss the mark, small wonder they never

Best-in-Class Delivery

We’re dead set on providing the best this market has to offer. Our pursuit for perfection is evident in the quality of our service. Quality speaks for itself. We need not say more, do we?

How Can You Call For Arnab?

Step 1

Place an order

Hop on the website or app, choose a time slot, and provide the address.

Step 2

Add further instruction

Customize your delivery order. We’re more than happy to accommodate.

Step 3

Sit back and relax

One of our Arnab representatives is on their way (if not already there).

About Arnab

Arnab, is a digital delivery platform that serves home-based businesses, individuals, and SMEs across the UAE. The platform simplifies and streamlines processes related to delivery services, making for better and more fulfilling experiences for both merchant and customer. Arnab’s large fleet covers the entirety of the UAE: always available, only a stone’s throw away if not already at your doorstep.


To provide SMEs and home-based businesses with a delivery platform that allows them to better serve their customers, and to offer services from which individuals can equally benefit.


To blanket the entirety of the UAE with a fleet of capable, efficient, and personable delivery professionals who contribute to the continuous development of the country.

Meet Our Founders

Arnab Delivery Service
Arnab Delivery Service

Ali Abdullah Almajdouie and Saif Yousef Alnaqbi built Arnab from the ground up. They envisioned a world where home-based businesses and SMEs can enjoy an efficient, convenient, and economically viable delivery platform that would bridge gaps between them and their customers. As you can see, they’ve made their ambitious dream a reality.

Values That Define Arnab


Honesty is the best policy. Being truthful, straightforward, and transparent is the least we can do for our clients and stakeholders. So, we start there. When we stand by what’s right and when we refuse to cut corners, we can sleep easily and so can you.


Trustworthiness is essential. It’s a solid foundation on which customers and service providers can build long-lasting, meaningful relationships that inspire innovation, growth, and prosperity for everyone involved.


Maintaining professionalism in all business operations earns credibility and inspires faith in clients, partners, and stakeholders. Professionalism is key to success; a lack thereof taints the integrity of everything you do.


Your success is ours. That’s why we’re always available, ready to jump in to extend a helping hand should you ever need us for anything. No matter time or day, rest assured, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


For Business Deliveries

The UAE is brimming with potential. It’s a playground for SMEs and entrepreneurs, somewhere they can experiment, explore, and tap into the limitless resources and connections. Expand your reach: move into new areas, gain more customers, and span across the country with Arnab. The solutions we offer, coupled with our exceptional customer care, will cater to all your business needs and surpass your customers’ expectations.

For Personal Deliveries

Sending something to family or friends? Colleagues or acquaintances? Total stranger, maybe? No sweat! We’ve got you covered. Our speedy, punctual, and hassle-free services won’t fail you. Whether your package contains something as fragile as a crystal glass or something as heavy as a bowling ball, Arnab’s fleet is more than capable of handing it with the care it needs and the respect it deserves.

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